Climate Justice - Our collective history
Sept. 4, 2021 at 13:30 - 16:00

Climate Justice - Our collective history

What did engage us to act for Climate Justice? Which events made us feel powerless? How did the discussion around the environmental crisis impact our lives and how do we relate to the history of the Climate movement?
The climate crisis impacts us all in various ways as citizens, as activists, as human beings. Today we want to take the time to take stock. To talk about how we’ve been impacted by it, to share our life stories, the roots of our anger and our commitments, organize the transmission of our political experiences.
Join us for an exercise inspired from the popular education movements in France. Because we believe that it is not only through facts and political discussions that matters but that we also need to come together and meet. Because we believe that we will be stronger if we learn from each other’s experience.
Everyone is welcome, the diversity of experiences is what we are aiming for 🙂
This autobiographical exercise is an anti-fatalistic tool, to make our political imaginations work. Indeed, by doing this exercise of putting one's history in parallel with a collective history, we can realize how our history is also part of the great history, we realize it on the one hand by crossing our history with large events, realizing that the latter could influence our choices but also realizing that we share a way of thinking, memories - which suddenly become historical - with others. So, if history has been able to act on us, it is because we can also act on it, it is not external to us.

This event is part of the Climate Justice Days, a week of activism, workshops, debate, music and inspiration for everyone who wants to learn more and get involved in the fight for a green and just future.
Climate Justice Days takes place from the 4th to the 12th of September with events in both Aarhus and Copenhagen. Keep an eye open as we post new events in Aarhus on this site

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